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Cahyana Insulation Foam - for below metal roof, above concrete roof, wall and floor insulation
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Cahyana Insulation Foam

High Quality EPS for Building and A/C Ducting Insulation

We provide High Quality EPS in form of Board and Pipe for Building and A/C Ducting Insulation.

Cahyana EPS Insulation can be used for many purposes, includes:

Insulation for Steel Roof

  • High Density for above Concrete Roof Insulation
  • Standard Density for below Metal Roof Insulation
  • Standard/Medium/High Density for Cold Storage Wall and Ceiling
  • High Density for below Floor Insulation
  • Pipe and Rectangular Insulation for A/C Ducting to prevent energy loss

Insulation above concrete deck

Cahyana Insulation Board UDH Broschure